Kikiki (English Translations)

In 1981-83 and 1986, John Barker transcribed or tape-recorded 171 narratives (kikiki) from elders in Uiaku, Ganjiga, Sinapa, Sinipara, and Airara. These were translated into English soon after recording primarily with the assistance of Willie Sevaru, Roland Wawe, and especially Max Gegeyo. These are very rough translations which, hopefully in the future, will be corrected with reference to the audio tapes as well as transcribed in the original Maisin.

Further note: Only amai kikiki (“just stories” or folk tales) have been uploaded to this website. kikiki moturan are listed but not linked as these are the property of individual clans. If you are a member of the appropriate clan and wish a copy of any of these latter narratives, please contact John Barker directly.